Who We Are

Eventell Global Advisory Private Limited, is formed by promoters with over two decades of experience in commodity research, advisory and in organising leading industry conference and webinars.

Research and Publications:

In agri-commodities research and publications, Eventell publishes the following research reports

  • A weekly newsletter “Cashew Weekly” on global cashews markets and industry (www.cashewinformation.com )
  • A weekly newsletter on global sesame seed market (www.sesameinfo.in)
  • A fortnightly newsletter on spices market and seasonal report on six major spices namely Black Pepper, Cardamon (small), Coriander Seed, Cumin Seed, Dry Chilli and Turmeric.
  • A monthly magazine on sesame, Sesame World (www.sesameinfo.in).

Other initiatives include special publications on Cashew Women, Cashew Handbook and Directory on Indian Cashew Processors.

In the non-agri commodities research, we publish a monthly magazine by the name Bullion World (www.bullionworld.in).

Besides, Eventell is hand-holding several companies by offering specific advisory and consulting services on crop, project feasibility studies, supply chain mapping and economic evaluation etc.

Since January 2022, Eventell is working as the Centre of Excellence for Swarna Adarsh Abhiyaan, an industry initiative supported by World Gold Council-India.

Eventful People

Conferences and webinars:

  • World Cashew Conference (Every year in February)
  • Cashew India BSM (Every year in May)
  • Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference (Every year in June in collaboration with Singapore Bullion Market Association)
  • India Gold Conference (Every year in August)
  • World Sesame Conference (Every year in August)

Eventell has organised over 10 webinars during 2021 on a variety of topics / subjects ranging from ‘country-specific crop updates’, to ‘logistic challenges’ to ‘FPO Buyer-Seller Meet’.

Eventell is keen on working with the industry, government and non-government players in commodity and agri-business sectors, with sustainable and equitable development as the primary goal.

For more information on Eventell, please write to vinayak@eventellglobal.com